Jenny Messerle

About me

Hi, I’m Jenny Messerle.

Two questions drive my writing and my art: How can I be happier? How can I appreciate myself and my life more?

I explore the answers to these questions through writing, drawing, collaging, and painting. To see my work, visit Instagram. When you see my art, you’ll see why people call me the “Queen of Happy Art” and why people love the titles of my art pieces.

In my book, I am a Golden Buddha: A Journey from Self-Criticism to Inner Peace, I explore a deeper path to happiness. I explain how I created a life of less self-judgment, self-doubt, and anxiousness and more self-love, self-appreciation, and inner peace. You can read the glowing praise for my book here. You can read an excerpt of my book here.

Thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful day!